Our Mission

Tri-State Community Healthcare Center’s (TSCHC) mission is to provide primary health care for those residing in the Needles area of California and its surrounding communities. This will be accomplished through an organized health delivery system that includes outreach non-profit organizations.



Through teamwork with positive, well-trained, skilled, knowledgeable, and certified providers and support staff, we can deliver personalized and compassionate medical and mental health care while promoting permanent health lifestyles to patients.

Tri-State Community Healthcare Center will provide comprehensive services including primary care, dental, behavioral health, laboratory and 340B pharmacy services.

The Tri-State Community Healthcare Center will:

  • Provide the highest quality of care to improve individual and community health
  • Make access to high quality healthcare practical and affordable
  • Include individuals and their families in shared decision making regarding their health
  • Engage individuals, their families and the community to work toward comprehensive health
  • Assure time for individuals, families, and care team to fully communicate regarding health issues and care plans
  • Coordinate integrated healthcare with individuals and all care teams
  • Assure accessible hours for working individuals and families
  • Support the well-being and needs of our staff and their families


TSCHC was founded in 2014 by a group of community members, healthcare professionals, and business associates in financial challenges faced by families in Tri-State Community due to the Needles, CA and Tri-State community need, which impeded their ability to afford essential health care services and other supports. TSCHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) with clinics located in Needles, Adelanto and Mohave Valley, AZ.

TSCHC is a community-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose duty is to serve the unmet health care needs health care needs of low-income persons and their families. The goal is to provide the best care for the patients and to provide effective integration of quality patient care. The objective of TSCHC is to deliver quality care to the most number of people in an accessible manner at minimum cost, through the use of innovative system and policy. TSCHC is designed to provide cost-effective, services available to community members regardless of their ability to pay. More than one-half of the Board of Directors are patients.