Medical & Family Services

As a patient at Tri-State Community Healthcare Center, you are cared for by a skilled, compassionate team of two to four primary care providers, plus medical assistants, a family nurse practitioner, a team assistant and administrative support staff. When you visit us, we do our best to make sure you see the same care team. This way, we get to really know you and your family. In doing so, we can give you the best experience and health outcomes possible.

TSCHC's primary function and purpose is to prevent disease by health promotion/education in activities. TSCHC offers a diverse selection of programs and services to cater to your individualized health needs. These programs are funded by the federal and state government; therefore, they are free to patients who meet the criteria. Please CONTACT US to see if you qualify for any of the programs below.

Programs We Offer

Tri-State Community Healthcare offers the following programs

Services We Offer

Tri-State Community Healthcare offers the following services

Insurances We Accept

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